Making Music Matter

  Our children are big music fans. Beth-Rose loves to sing, and Zach loves to play piano and listen to music. I imagine that is the same for most kids. I couldn’t sing or play an instrument, but when I was younger I built a radio from bits and pieces of other, broken radios. I […]

Best Friends Forever

While it is often said that no two kids are alike, many children do share the same traits and temperaments. Sibling dynamics are different as well, though again some of the behaviors and habits exhibited by siblings toward each other is similar among different families. I think my family was not unlike many other families […]

Saying Goodbye

When we grew up, we developed so many memories that gained such importance with the telling. And the recollection. Friends who meant everything to us, events that impacted us, places that remain ingrained on our consciousness. We all have those places in our memories that are iconic touchstones to our childhood. People who made a […]