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Travels With Frazzledad

"To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive."

-Robert Louis Stevenson

For me there is no better way to spend my time than traveling with my family, exploring the amazing world we live in. Come along as we explore, experience and enjoy new places.

I’ll share stories of road trips, mishaps, and misadventures, and some of the unique and wonderful people I’ve met along the way.

Follow in my footsteps, or missteps, depending on the adventures I share!

Travel Favourites

Making Friends On The Boy Scout Trail

Have you ever been lost? I’m not talking about wandering away from your parents in the department store lost. Although that was a pretty terrifying experience!...

Baja Road Trip-Searching For The Perfect Beach

The cow lay across the dirt road, legs splayed out, hooves reaching for the sky. My journey searching for the perfect beach in Baja was going to be a little delayed....

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