My Little Carnivore

My daughter Beth-Rose is an unabashed meat eater. She enjoys almost every type of meat. She likes to brag about her love of meat, but she can still find a way to be picky about it. Want a chicken drumstick? Sure! How about steak? Absolutely! Have a hamburger? Yes please! Spaghetti with meat sauce? Um, […]

Saying Goodbye

When we grew up, we developed so many memories that gained such importance with the telling. And the recollection. Friends who meant everything to us, events that impacted us, places that remain ingrained on our consciousness. We all have those places in our memories that are iconic touchstones to our childhood. People who made a […]

Friday Night Date Night

When I was in my 30’s, I really didn’t count a trip to Costco on a Friday night as a particularly special outing. More likely a fate worse than death. There were a lot more exciting things to do on a Friday night in the 90’s than going grocery shopping! How things change when you […]

Go Big or Go Home

My son Zachary recently turned 10. Like any boy of ten, he had his wish list of what he wanted for his birthday. He loves Lego, so he can usually count on getting some great Lego kits. He also loves Minecraft. He has been learning and playing this “virtual Lego” for a few years now. […]