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Travel Experience-Thoughts From Ruckle Provincial Park

  • Michael 

It’s a busy day today. From my sunny vantage point on my favourite writing bench, here on the shores of Ruckle Provincial Park, twelve boats pass me by. A large American sailboat, an old fishing barge, a few fancy motor yachts, an odd-looking Coast Guard vessel, a BC Ferry headed to Tsawwassen, and several small sail and motor boats parade by for my viewing pleasure.

A bright sun’s reflection dances on the chaotic wakes, twinkling like garden faerie lights. The tiniest hint of a breeze tickles the hairs on my legs. This perfect moment stretches easily into a perfect morning. And I fully expect it will continue to morph into a perfect day. This really is the life!

travel experience
Sitting by the water is a perfect travel experience for me

Travel Experience, Defined

To me, this is travel. It’s in these small moments, these little personal, intimate experiences, that define travel for me. I don’t need to be sitting on a beach in Mexico, hiking volcanoes in Costa Rica, or riding a mule in the Grand Canyon to experience the sublime joys of travel. I can get that experience sitting on a seaside bench on a local island. Hell, I can get it sitting in my backyard.

Now don’t get me wrong. Doing all those other things, or going on road trips, camping and visiting far off cities, is still a great way to experience travel. I just don’t need that. Over the years, as my relationship with myself has evolved and grown, I’ve developed a greater sense of joy in the little moments of life. Sitting on this bench each morning, quietly enjoying my coffee while watching the ocean, fits that description perfectly.

Travel isn’t just about jetting to far off lands. To me, travel can be a state of mind. It’s often a place in my mind. A great travel experience can begin with an acceptance and an appreciation for wherever I’m at. Sometimes I can experience that feeling sitting in the sun after dinner, right in my own back yard!

The joy of travel, right in my back yard!

To Be At One

I suppose my definition of travel is what most people would call “being at one with myself”. Well, maybe not most. Some might call it that. The rest would call it “Get off your butt and do something!” In that sense, travel for me is about becoming a human “being” rather than a human “doing”.

Have I gotten esoteric enough for you? I can’t help it. You see, that’s what sitting on my writing bench overlooking the sea in Ruckle Provincial Park will do. And I love it!

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