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How To Live My Ideal Day Every Day

Me living my ideal day

Some 25 years ago or so, I explored the mystical, magical world of “Network Marketing”. I don’t remember how I came to hear about this strange form of business, but when I learned more about it, I was convinced this was my ticket to living my ideal day.

But it was not to be. That first go, with a company called Rexall Showcase, later changed to Unicity, did not produce the results I was looking for. And that was entirely my doing. I was in the process of setting up that business with my very good friend Ted, when he suddenly passed away. I was devastated. Someone I had seen and talked with and hung out with almost every day, suddenly gone.

No Business Without Ted

I couldn’t carry on with that business. My heart just wasn’t in it. I could not imagine carrying on with something Ted and I had been developing, without Ted being there. It didn’t feel right. So I walked away and did other things. And even though we weren’t able to build that business together, Ted gave me something even better. He showed me how to find and live my ideal day. More on that in a bit…

my friend Ted-my ideal day
My friend Ted and his wife, Diane

About 17 years later, our friend Belinda introduced me to another network marketing business, and again I thought this could lead me to living my ideal day. But once again, it was not to be. This time, finally, I came to realize network marketing is not for me. I’m sure this is a great business model for some folks, but it doesn’t fit with my personality. I’m an introvert. I like my own company, sometimes to the exclusion of all else, and I have no interest in building my online persona.

There I was, finding other ways to live my ideal day. And just maybe, it had nothing to do with what business I pursued…

What Is “My Ideal Day”?

So what, exactly, do I mean by my ideal day? Lots of people have written about ways to create your ideal day. There are plenty of websites designed around helping craft your ideal day. But simply put, imagine you’re living your best life, as the best version of yourself. What are you doing? Who are you with? What are you feeling? This is your ideal day.

I used to think that my ideal day consisted of a tropical beach with perfect weather, surrounded by beach bunnies and a personal waiter who was always there to keep my beer topped up. Unlimited guacamole and the best ceviche in the world. (Wait, that still sounds amazing!)

But my tastes have changed as I have gotten older. I’m a wee bit wiser, and a bit more introspective. I also have a bit of a fatty liver, so that cancels the unlimited guacamole…

My Ideal Day Guide

My ideal day has changed many times over the years. But when I first explored the idea of creating my ideal day, my friend Ted was there, guiding me. He, along with another good friend Vicki, started me on my journey of inner growth.

I was a single guy back then, unencumbered by what I saw as the constraints of a close, intimate relationship. But that all changed when I began the work of creating my ideal day.

As I worked through the process of crafting my ideal day during a rather intense personal growth workshop, I was surprised to find that my day included a partner, a soul mate. I didn’t expect that. I also didn’t know it at the time, but my soul mate was in the same workshop, co-facilitated by my friend Ted.

my ideal day-Heather and I getting engaged
What a cute couple!

My “Adjusted” Ideal Day

I’ve written other versions of my ideal day since that first one more than 20 years ago. Each one has been significantly different from the previous version. But they always have Heather and I, doing things together and living our best lives. Each version is an adjusted version of the previous version. And each one is better than the last.

I have no idea what our lives will look like after our children are all grown up and living their own lives. I do know that period is coming faster than I may want, but I also think that’s okay. Heather and I have lots to figure out. In the meantime, I’m living my adjusted ideal day. Every day. After all, who needs beach bunnies and unlimited guacamole! Although having a guy keeping my beer full still sounds pretty great…

A Note On Future Blog Posts

Up to now I’ve been posting to this site one or, for a while this summer, twice per week. Going forward, I’ll be scaling back a little. You’ll still get my “new post” emails, just not as frequently. I’m working on some other things, and I would rather not stress about getting out my weekly posts on time.

I just wanted to set some expectations, so you’re not wondering where my next post is. Maybe you’re not. And maybe (probably) you really don’t give a damn. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part…

Anyway, until next time, go out and live your own ideal day!

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Eric Hislop
Eric Hislop
5 months ago

Michael, unfortunately beer adds considerably to a ” fatty liver” and I remember how much you
enjoy braised liver and onions !
Your’e doomed to San Pellegrino with a twist of lime. No beer, no guac and no fun (even fun can add to a fatty liver) You’ĺl just have to become a boring “grey” non-entity but with a healthy liver

Heather Trawick
Heather Trawick
5 months ago

Eh hem… I am the beach bunny! And I still get the unlimited guac! Xoxo

David Tait
David Tait
5 months ago


5 months ago

My ideal day is having beers on a beach, with you…. and endless beach bunnies and guacamole.

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