The Family Ski Trip

On a week-long trip to the Rockies, we spent three days skiing at a small, family resort. The mountain had a vertical drop of a thousand feet, so it was pretty doable for a family of once-a-year skiers and boarders. Zachary decided he wanted to try snowboarding, so we got him into a lesson on […]

The Road Trip

When I was growing up and learning to be a kid in the suburbs of Montreal, family vacations always involved driving somewhere a long way from home. And when you’re a kid, anywhere other than the local Dairy Queen was a long way from home! We got around in a ’65 Rambler station wagon, a […]

My Little Carnivore

My daughter Beth-Rose is an unabashed meat eater. She enjoys almost every type of meat. She likes to brag about her love of meat, but she can still find a way to be picky about it. Want a chicken drumstick? Sure! How about steak? Absolutely! Have a hamburger? Yes please! Spaghetti with meat sauce? Um, […]