A Solo Sunday With The Duke

I was given an unexpected gift today; three hours to myself! Oh, the possibilities! Where to begin? Zachary and Beth-Rose spent about 3 hours at a special Karate class, and Heather had to finish off some work for her class’s report cards. And Nicolle, our International Student, had a sleepover at a friend’s house last […]

My Little Carnivore

My daughter Beth-Rose is an unabashed meat eater. She enjoys almost every type of meat. She likes to brag about her love of meat, but she can still find a way to be picky about it. Want a chicken drumstick? Sure! How about steak? Absolutely! Have a hamburger? Yes please! Spaghetti with meat sauce? Um, […]

Friday Night Date Night

When I was in my 30’s, I really didn’t count a trip to Costco on a Friday night as a particularly special outing. More likely a fate worse than death. There were a lot more exciting things to do on a Friday night in the 90’s than going grocery shopping! How things change when you […]